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CONSTANTIN FROSIN : Être ou Avoir, telle est la question(Qu’estce qui se cache, linguistiqueent parlant, derrièreles prétentions hégéoniques de l’anglais ?)
Date de publication : samedi21 février 2015
The title o this article has nothing to do with the amous Shakespeare’s drama. But itallows perectly to elaborate on an idea I had a longtime ago : the obsession o the English language : to have – have(s)… By comparison, the French language is marked by the verbs Être (Tobe) and Faire (To do/to act), the last one coming ahead o the two others (whether one likes it ornot, Avir (To have) is an auxiliary too), thanks to the great number (more than 2500 !) o set orxed expressions, which benet rom its extraordinary polyvalency. Examples in support, this article demonstrates that the language can very easily become an instrument o the propaganda,o handling o brains and consciousness. No hard eelings, but a conclusion stands out : A man isknown by the language he speaks…


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