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Date de publication : mardi10 février 2009, par Gervais de Collins Noumsi Bouopda

Madagascar, I cry tears of blood !

"At your physical strength, we will impose our moral strength. Tell us what you want, we will continue to love you. " Martin Luther King

A few days ago, in a wild excitement in screaming and singing naive, Malagasy people have been walking to the presidential palace. Armed mainly of drums and trumpets, they had only one song : stop to the misery and poverty ! On the other hand, the soldiers of the Presidential Guard. Possessed by demonic instincts and cattle, they fired on these people yet harmless and hungry. Behind, 28 dead according to official sources, 44 deaths according to health sources and several hundred wounded. These shootings, comparable to that of General English Dyer (in Amritsar) in India in 1919 come again we plunge into barbarism and unconsciousness been shown that most of our leaders. Strewn and astounded by this disturbing situation, the international community has reacted violently to this attitude, which not only degrades Madagascar, but Africa as a whole. Are men become animals (and even if they were animals, there has provided the right to kill randomly and for anything) ? Men are objects ?

Well know, dear leaders that every man, who it is, rich, poor, white, black, purple, brown or orange should be understood and respected. And this is the first rule of leadership : listening and understanding. O God, what are these situations that we damage the heart and afflicts again. Look ... my adored Africa, Mauritania ... my new and it is all trapped by the warriors and people owned, manipulated and repugnant. Faced with this cruel and despicable, Peace, credo of my heart and my soul now seems far from the chapel of our leaders. Please, O dear leaders to put yourself in the same table to stop this behavior you’re cattle shows. I have called you today to dialogue, negotiation, sharing and understanding. Please leave your side your selfish interests and look now to the future of this nation collapses in misery, suffering and devastation. It is unacceptable that people, in addition to their miserable situations, collapsed again in the heat of your balls and your evil intensions !

There is no development without peace, there is no understanding without dialogue, there is no welfare without maturity, no justice. Anarchy, dictatorship and hypocrisy are the evils which must be exceeded and surpassed ...

As Gandhi said, "Democracy, from the idea that I do, should provide the lowest the same opportunities as the strongest. Only non-violence can achieve this goal. >>

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